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Restoration process began in November 2002 - it was officially put in the garage. He started with the removing the interior, but since it was wintertime not much else was done.


Then in April 2003, he removed the bumpers and lights and I began removing the paint.  Here are just few photos of what has been done so far.



Not much has been done since April 2003.  If you click on other projects, you will see why.


October 2004 - Removed fenders, doors, emblems, deck lid & wing, etc.  Now to clean the floor &  truck area, then remove remaining paint and give it a coat of primer.

Date Code from LH Door

Notice seatbelt still in plastic

Tag on rear seatbelt.

Notice the lower corners. Can you guess what is missing on the door that many cars have? Hint: begins with an "R."

Date Code for shock cover - LH

Date Code for shock cover - RH

Gas tank was replaced temporarily. Still have original tank.

Now it looks like I have done something. This is probably the most time consuming part of the job.

Close up the most important "part" of the restoration process.





Items found today when removing the dash.

Written on top of radio

Mike McKenney


(same last name as original title)

Rivet found in dash near vin plate Note found under dash from -

 Davidson Rubber Co Inc

Farmington NH